Avro Anson for FSX Released

SQR-Anson-300Yup, it’s ready…… it’s packaged…… and it can be bought at our shop now ! The Avro Anson or ‘Faithful Annie’ is now available for FSX and includes an installer for Prepar3D V2 as well. It comes in 13 different versions – not just paint schemes, but actual different versions – includes a very rare FLOATPLANE and a ground crew with tractor !

Check out this very complete and highly detailed package in our webshop here

News from FSAddon – at last !

update I know many of you have been waiting a long time for news from FSAddon Publishing – especially those with no Facebook accounts !

Well, here’s the story for those of you not up-to-date with Francois’ and Nina’s recent activities.
Back in November we found a great house in the countryside in Italy, smack in the middle of one of the nicest provinces, the Green Heart of Italy: Umbria. We bid on it and ultimately were able to purchase it for a really good price. Ever since March this year we have been busy with the sale and subsequent move. We also had to sell our little apartment in the French Alps in order to pay for the house.

All that is now done and I FINALLY have some time again to tend to business! Luckily I am not entirely dep3endent on it, or we’d have gone broke this year!

Here’s what is in the toolshed:

1) The Anson has been delivered to me and I now have to finish the manual and installation software. I hope to get it published before we leave for Italy again in some 5 weeks (yes, we now commute between Italy and The Netherlands)

2) Daniele’s latest RealEarthX title is still on the shelf and I hope to publish that too shortly.

3) I am working on new RealEarthX bundles, to be published in our own shop and a new one.

4) The FSAddon website has been under re-design for almost a year and I hope to publish it before the winter.

5) I am also working on a new shop. The current one cannot be updated any longer and is costing me more than it brings.

6) We will also start selling our products on more stores….. all to get the maximum possible ‘reach’ in the shrinking flightsim world of today !

7) Last but not least, I am working hard on research for Simon’s next plane. I won’t make the mistake anymore to tell you what it is….. suffice it to say it is a twin freighter of the ’50’s …. ;-)

It is coming…. REALLY….

Yes, after almost 2 years our Anson is almost ready for the download shop !! Simon has really outdone himself and delivered 13 liveries with a number of different versions! There’s even a (very rare!) floatplane AND a tractor to pull it out of the water !

For all those customers who patiently waited, and even for those who didn’t and bought the ‘other’ Anson, your patience WILL be rewarded and soon you’ll have a FANTASTIC Avro Anson in your hangars for many many hours of fun in FSX!

We are talking WEEKS now – I am working on finishing the manual and other necessary ‘commercial’ activities (screenshots, zipping, testing, packaging, marketing…… you know… al the stuff I wish we would not have to do…. *grin*).





20% Discount on simMarket

SimMarket is opening a new webshop this Friday and to celebrate we have agreed to sell all our products there with a huge 20% discount! Mind you, this is valid only for 4 days, Friday 13 through Monday 16, so do NOT wait to check it out! Products can be found at www.SimMarket.com



An yet another new Dolomiti X product

Agordo-Logo-origDaniele Tona has released yet another piece of the puzzle of the Italian Alpine region. His latest product is Dolomiti X – Agordo, featuring more awesome mesh and mesmerizing colours and hand-placed autogen houses.

Agordo is special to me, too. It was the very first little town further south in the Dolomite Region that we visited on one of our motorcycle rides in the region. At that time we were not involved yet with RealEarth and we had no idea that a few years later we’d be publishing the very same area for FSX.

Hoping that Daniele will have enough time to finish ALL of the Dolomites so we can fly over all the roads and many mountain passes that we so often have conquered on our BMW !

Click HERE to go to our webshop and get this latest part of the Dolomiti X series !

Dolomiti X Longarone Released

Longarone-Logo-origToday we released yet another wonderful RealEarthX scenery of the Italian Alps – the Dolomites – this time covering the Longarone-Vajont area just north of the (FREE) Belluno Airfield. The latest product in this series is again a wonderful creation by Daniele Tona, who lives near Belluno himself and knows the region as no other.

With this latest release the ‘flyable area’ in the Dolomites has again been substantially expanded and it now provides a load of fun for helicopter and small aircraft mountain flyers over an extremely realistic landscape.

This new part costs only 10 Euros (€ 12.10 including VAT) and is available from our own shop here: http://silvercloud-store.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29900

New Dolimiti X product coming

VajontDamFINALDaniele has taken a break in development the past year, but is now ‘at it’ again and has sent me the files for a new addition to the Dolomiti X range, the area covering Longarone-Vajont. This is also the sole area in the Alps that suffered from a Tsunami ! Back in 1963 the content of the Vajont lake was pushed over the dam by a giant landslide, crushing 6 villages below it !
We’ll be releasing it in our shop next week!

The Avro Anson beta 2 files should be uploaded to my servers too, soon…… so stay tuned for more news on that.

Oh, and to visitors having found us here through Aerosoft’s News : WELCOME !

D-Day Project on War History Online

6-whalesThe guys over at War History Online were interested in my digital endeavors in recreating D-Day and asked me to write an article about the project. I am very proud to have my modest D-Day Project on their excellent website now !

CLICK HERE to read it (and don’t forget to browse their site, lots of excellent history articles!)

Low Land Tiger Meet 2014


Please note in your agendas: April 3-6 in Enschede The Netherlands…… the annual Low Land Tiger Meet !

The Lowland Tiger Meet event is inspired on the real life NATO Tigermeet. Fighter squadrons bearing the Tiger symbol in their patch come together to fight, learn and socialize. This is what the LLTM is all about. Only without some of the strict military rules. Brotherhood, flying and learning while doing. That’s what the LLTM stands for…

More information on the 2014 LLTM can be found on their website here. and on their Facebook page

New site, new logo, new shop….

Lots of things changing in 2014. The new website has been up and running in Beta for some 6 months now. When the associated new webshop is ready too, I’ll set things on-line.

Meanwhile, experimenting with a new logo as well……


Happy New Year Everybody !


Aerosoft’s ATC Simulator

global-atc_200Not your usual flightsim package this one, and not by FSAddon Publishing…….. but I’ve seen it and I like it, so I thought I’d tell you about its release. You can download it from the Aerosoft website here. There’s a free demo available too.Below is the official press release text to go with it.

The exciting and varied job of an air traffic controller on your PC!

Paderborn, 20 December 2013 – Aerosoft is proud to announce the immediate release of the download version of the ATC simulator Global Air Traffic Control which is available now at www.aerosoft.com for 29.95 EUR. The boxed version will be sold at retailers from 30 January 2014 for 29.99 EUR. Global Air Traffic Control (GATC) is a PC-Simulation of the task of Tower, Approach and Departure controllers. For the first time ever all the major airports in the whole world are simulated in literally unprecedented detail. The program uses the same (licensed) database as the majority of airlines so for each of the nearly 14.000 airports you will guide aircraft over the correct routing and procedures. Continue reading

D-Day Printer Project Launched

Today I have finally launched my Indiegogo Crowd Funding project for the D-Day 3D scale model plans ! Go have a look. Watching is free ;-)

My goal is to raise enough money to buy a 3D printer and supporting material so I can turn the FSX D-Day models into plastic models that will ultimately become scale model kits or objects.

At least one entire set of the Mulberry Harbour that I hope to create this way will be donated to a D-Day Museum – or in case of major success even to multiple museums. As with the FSX D-Day Project the main drivers here are to make a modest buck AND to provide a hands-on way of collecting and remembering some of the most important moments and places of the Second World War and allow future generations to understand by providing a more visual way of presentation.

The funding is needed because I simply don’t have money left to invest at this time. The websites, servers and PC’s and associated costs gobble up all the FS profits.
So hoping you will contribute and join, or at the very minimum SPREAD THE WORD allowing me to start this exciting project and new business.

THANK YOU in advance for any help you can muster !!

Special Website Discount

Did you know I also run a little web-design and – hosting company? I use Siteground for most of my projects and they have a Special Offer these last two weeks of December.

Want to rent a website yourself…… just CLICK ON THE BANNER ! And if you need any help…. gimme a call ;-)

 Web Hosting

Freeware Package D-Day Released

D-Day-Courseulles-300sqYAY !!! Only 4 days ‘late’…….. *sigh*. There’s always MORE work than one anticipates in releasing a software package. But now it is done. The delay was caused by me wanting to make the User Manual more explicit, and by having the installer tested by a few more people. All seems okay now…… but hey., this is software development, so no doubt something will go haywire anyway!

Included in the package (and please, please, PLEASE read the manual FIRST!) are the freeware FSAddon libraries and the first of a series of D-Day modules; Courseulles-sur-Mer. The project is based upon FranceVFR/FSAddon’s Normandy 1944 for FSX product, but can be used ‘as is’ as well…… up to you.

Oh, and did I mention it is FREE? Officially that means NO SUPPORT. But me being me and knowing myself I also know that such will never happen…… just hope you all get it working and will be patient enough to wait for the PATCHES and further development !

Oh, where to find it? Check out the Download tab and click on FREE STUFF…… that’s where !

Discounts at simMarket

TFX-square-100VanPlusV3_SQ-origTwo of our main products will be discounted fora short period at the simMarket.com shop. Both Vancouver V3 and Tongass Fjords X will be there with a 50% discount, from December 9th till 15th ONLY ! Vancouver V3 will remain discounted at our own shop for the entire month of December.

Get 50% off, go to simMarket next week !

Get your Christmas Shopping Done !

Dear customers,

in the entire month of December 2013 we will have a couple of our best selling product ‘on sale’ again for ‘Holiday Prices’! Please check out the shop starting December 1st and order those products you always wanted to have but were afraid to order….. you’ll get some nice discounts now !

As to our new Avro Anson….. it will not be available in time for the Holiday Season, but we’ll provide customers with a nice ‘Early Birds’ DISCOUNT once it gets published… SO STAY TUNED !!

Wishing you Happy Holidays,
Francois and the development team at FSAddon Publishing

Swiss Glacier Pilot Vol 2

Kurt Stöckli from Switzerland (Design4FS.ch) has released his second glacier pilot title, now including the FSAddon Fieseler Storch in a special (civilian) wheel/ski versions and with 4 new paint schemes. The product contains a number glacier landing areas, missions and user manuals in English, German and French!

Prerequisite for this product is the Switzerland Professional for FSX product by FlyLogic.

Glacier Pilot Volume 2 is ow available from the FSAddon webshop here!

Continue reading

fsad-banners-dday Counting down to the FS Weekend now and still hard at work to make some ‘presentation video’ to be shown on the stand.

The D-Day Project is more and more taking shape and we are aiming to have a large (first) part published well before the 70th Anniversary of the landings in June next year.

Hope to see many of you at the stand !!

November 2/3 at Lelystad Airport, Aviodrome Museum, The Netherlands.

New book review

Luck of a Lancaster

lancastercoverIn between travel and 3D modeling I also get to read stuff…… usually as part of the research I do for various projects, sometimes just because I am interested in many things. Here’s a book I recently received for review from Pen & Sword Publishing, about one of the few remaining Lancaster bombers.

“….During her career, well over two hundred airmen flew in J. None were killed while doing so, but ninety-six of them died in other aircraft. This is their story, and the story of one lucky Lancaster…..”.

200 pages, hard cover. That may not seem like much. It is less than one page for every man that served on the Lancaster bomber with registration W4964, WS-J, aka J-Johnny Walker. Still, it took me quite some time to read the book. Where ‘read’ is probably not the proper word. I rather ‘researched’ it. And that takes time.

Read the full review here !

The Dutch FS Weekend is near !

fsw-banner2-small2013 And I’ll be there, showing the initial work on the FREEWARE D-Day Project and ready for all to explain what we’re doing….. in Dutch, English, German and French….. so don’t be shy and drop by! You may also want to check our FSClassics website, where I am keeping you up to date on developments.

I’ll have a little stand in the ‘clubs hall’ past the Restaurant and behind the Cinema !  November 2 and 3 at Aviodrome, Lelystad!

Hope to see many of you there and have a great weekend !



Our Avro Anson entered beta testing today !

Simon has now finished work on his Mk1 model (and continues working on further models and liveries) and the Anson now flies around on my desktop !

Here’s a few pictures of Beta 1……. as usual, no guarantees and no dates for release, but as you can see, we have something tangible !

Lysander interior lighting FIX

grab_024Many people have complained about the adjustable night lighting of the Lysander’s panel not working. Strangely enough I am CERTAIN that we tested it and that it worked when the model was published. However, even on MY OWN installation it stopped working.

Until now I haven’t found a reason why, and I didn’t have a solution. Until now.

One of our readers has found that by copying the contents of the Lysander ‘effects folder’ into the main FSX effects folder, the lights can be turned back on !

I am no expert in these things myself, so please allow me to copy his text from the support forum to this article. Please try it and – hopefully – enjoy the instrument panel lighting again!


If the panel lights do not work try this…..
Look in either of the Lysander aircraft folders (possible path C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSAddon Lysander or wherever you have installed your FSX) and you will see an Effects folder.

From inside that folder copy the following files to your main FSX Effects folder:

also copy the following textures from the aircraft effect/texture folder to your main FSX Effects/Texture folder. There are two, but one of them might already be in there. I suggest to never just overwrite a old file with a new one unless you back up the original first.

fx_2.bmp (might already have)

Restart FSX (or regenerate the aircraft) open up the aircraft and left click/right click the gauge lighting switch to adjust brightness.


Many thanks to ‘Jeepinforfun’ for finding and sharing this !

We’re back !!!!

 Yup, Summer is over. It started with a first stay in our beloved Savoie in the French Alps, it took us back to Holland to tend to some business and Dad and his 94th birthday, and then back to France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania, and back the same way. No, not all on the motorbike…… we drove some 8000 km in the Merc as well.

But now we have said farewell again to our mountains and BMW bike and are back in Holland. Next stop: prepare the Courseulles-sur-Mer D-Day scenery……. and the documentation for our new Avro Anson plane that Simon is about to upload !

Looking forward to a productive Winter and lots of reactions from our loyal customers !SCP_9108

Yes, we need the Navy of course !

The Overlord operation could not have done without ‘the Navy’ of course. How else would ALL of those men and machines been taken across the Channel and landed on the beaches and in the harbours in France. Now that I am building a model of the Mulberry harbour, I also need ships to USE those harbours of course.

And what better ship to start off with than the venerable Landing Ship, Tank, or LST. These were the ships affectionably called Large Slow target by their crews and responsible for landing all the men and their equipment early on during D-Day and the months to follow. After starting my research and initial modelling I was lucky enough to happen upon the US crew of the LST Memorial in the US. They are volunteers, operating one of the very last remaining LST’s in the world and have done a awesome job of restoring the ship, opening it to the public AND sailing it on tours! They are on one of such tours at this very moment, docked in Charleston.
Should you live in that area be sure to pay the ship a visit and maybe donate a few dollars to help them preserve this iconic landing ship!

Continue reading

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